Randomdata opened it's webshop

A short notice:
Due to the large interest in the HITBadge / Project-S we decided to open a small webshop where we can sell Randomdata it's projects.
The profit will be used for the Randomdata Foundation to start new initiatives.

Go check it out at: This page

Privacy Cafe Zaterdag, 17 May, 2014 - 13:30 to 16:30

Privacy Cafe is een gezellige bijeenkomst waar hackers je helpen met het beveiligen van je computer en je communicatie.

Sinds de onthulingen van Edward Snowden zijn steeds meer mensen geinteresseerd in digitale zelfverdediging. En het mooie is: veel van de tools en tactieken die It professionals, hackers en andere nerds gebruiken zijn helemaal niet zo moeilijk om te begrijpen. Maar je moet ze net even weten te vinden.

Een privacy Cafe?
Privacy Cafe is een gezellige informele bijeenkomst waarbij o.a. enkele deelnemers van Randomdata je helpen bij het beveiligen van je computer.Soortgelijke events worden regelmatig georganiseerd, meestal onder cryptische naam "crypto party".
In samenwerking met

Dit event komt tot stand in samenwerking met Xander Bouwman (vrijwilliger bij Bits of Freedom), Randomdata (de Utrechtse Hackerspace), de Bibliotheek Utrecht en Setup.
Waar en wanneer is het?

17mei, in de centrale bibliotheek van Utrecht, van 13:30 tot 16:30u
Wat moet ik meenemen?

De apparaten die je wilt beveiligen. Vooral je laptop, maar ook in je smartphone kunnen we soms helpen te beveiligen.

Mate Statistics 2013

Mate stats 2013

The clubmate stats are announced!

HITR2NDB 2013 Edition

Hitr2ndb logo

In December the groups Hack in The Box, 2600NL and Randomdata organized again a new edition of HITR2NDB (Hack In The Random 2600 NL Data Box).

The agenda was promising again from hardcore tech to inspiring community talks:

  • Opening – by Fish_ and Junk
  • RIPE aTTYlas – by Ardillo
  • Speed and Size-Optimized Implementations of the PRESENT Cipher for
    Tiny AVR Devices – by Kostas Papagiannopoulos and Aram Verstegen
  • ‘What is Deeeezzzzeeee?’ Got root < 5 minutes – by SYNNACK
  • The Noble Art of Wasting Time – by Peter ‘blasty’ Geissler
  • One gadget to rule them all – by Brainsmoke
  • #HOSSEL DIE SMATJE – by Flunk
  • The Dubai Taxi Driver – by Mark Fonseca Rendeiro

You can find the video’s of HITR2NDB at the youtube channel of Randomdata

Hack in The Random 2600 NL Data Box @ OHM2013

We're going to the OHM2013 camping event. At this moment we have to make some arrangements on the gear, 0xf00d and other important stuff. The organizing of our village can be followed on our wiki - OHM2013.
The HITR2NDB village is on the OHM Village page as well.

For more information about OHM2013 you van visit the OHM website

You can find our camp during ohm on the S5 spot, yes the crazy ones ;-):

Wallboard display - reverse engineering

So I got a wallboard display, power adapter, a moxa eth-rs232 converter and cable for free :-) No software, driver or whatsoever further included.

What to do with it?

Well mostly for the sake of investigation and making it work together gets me satisfied !

The final result

To not waste your time. The final result is

An online page where you can send text and effect to the wallboard.

Read the rest of the blog

Randomdata goes IPv6

Since we are getting out of IPv4 space it is time to get some more nerds connected to the Next Generation IP, IPv6.
Randomdata organized in November and December some activity's to get Randomdata, participants and friends connected to IPv6.

Together with SYNACK, AK47 and Iljitsch van Beijnum gave us some history, some current and future sights of the internet.

In the meanwhile Randomdata.nl is fully v6 connected

2012 Edition of Hack In The Random 2600 NL Data Box

	.__    .__  __         ________             .______.    
	|  |__ |__|/  |________\_____  \  ____    __| _/\_ |__  
	|  |  \|  \   __\_  __ \/  ____/ /    \  / __ |  | __ \ 
	|   Y  \  ||  |  |  | \/       \|   |  \/ /_/ |  | \_\ \
	|___|  /__||__|  |__|  \_______ \___|  /\____ |  |___  /
	     \/                        \/    \/      \/      \/ 

On the 8th of this month it was time again for a real Hack In The Random 2600 NL Data box, the joined forces between Randomdata, Hack In The Box and 2600NL. 30 Invited attendees were able to gain the latest 1337 information from a great list of speakers.

First presentation of the day by Dave van der Poel about Video Surveillance. What is real and what is fiction?.The Ultimaker 3D printer is doing a fine job, thanks to Harma of Protospace/Ultimaker. She brought 2 printers by bike!.In the meanwhile SYNNACK is starting his presentation.And THERE is the place where whe pwn the basterd

The opening was done by DrWhax and Fish_ (who else :), announcing the future activities and wrapping up the last 10 months. For starters there was an update on Video Surveillance by Dave van der Poel, a nice overview about the current activities and possibilities on video surveillance. For the most of us it was, yet again, an acknowledgement of technology which can do more, gather more information and, if used wrong, be a dangerous tool for privacy. Next talk was done By Wilco Baan Hofman, he played enough with the SIA-HS alarm IP transmit protocol and cracked it, well, cracked... let's call it XOR. Next up was the coffee break and a lot of Clubmate clips where 3D printed so nobody lost his own bottle of Mate. Fresh and mate'd up, we started the live hookup of Spacenet of Randomdata by AK47. And, of course, it worked out of the box. After that it was time for some more heavy "shit", Blasty compiled a nice story of patching of binaries in memory. He didn't took the most easiest one. No, no, he had chosen a little nightmare called openssh. It worked out in a successful acceptance of his Pub key in the deamon, impressive stuff if you know what kind of hacks he needed. To finish the heavy stuff Aczid had a nice story about ELF binary debugging and anti-debugging, let's bring /proc/ a bit in to confusion! :D
To close the event we asked Winn Schwartau to give us a nice, inspiring talk, one of his main messages I remembered is about putting the right guy on the job. We (the people's) are often making the big mistake of putting a guy/girl on the job who fit the company profile, but what if he/she is autistic? Or has ADHD? No, we should first think about the quality and not focus on how strange somebody is. And let's be honest, aren't we all a bit strange? :D

We have left you guys some pictures, video and slides if you want to check out some more details.

Hack in The Random 2600 NL Data Box

On the 26th of November the groups 2600NL, HITB NL and Randomdata organized a mini event called "Hack in The Random 2600 NL Data Box". This name was born during HAR2009 as a joint forces between these groups. Early morning Hack in The Box 0xc0ffee, pancakes, blinky, the "uber-tent", chatting and discussions where shared within the village.
As a result of this village a lot of different happenings where born, also this mini event.

The event was a success, 26 hackers came over to listen to other hackers their talks (http://hackintherandom2600nldatabox.nl/2011/agenda.php). Between the talks we had time to chat and have some 0xc0ffee and NOMs.
If you are curios about the talks, this is the place to go with video of al the presentations.
Some pics can be found over here

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