Randomdata at Hack in The Box 2012 Amsterdam

As some of you know, a lot of Randomdata people are involved with the organization of HITB in Amsterdam.
Same this year, the Amsterdam 2012 edition in the Okura Hotel For a grand total of 5 days the hotel was pwnd by the hackers of Hack In The Box.
The first 3 days were training and conference setup, the last (but not least) 2 days was the full-blown conference.
One of the activities was the HITB Commsec village where hackerspaces from The Netherlands and Belgium, and their community, were representing themselves:

The Commsec playground/village

We, as Randomdata, brought in Blinky (of course!) but also showed a demo set of how to sniff "in" hardware and how to start reverse-engineering on hardware. We showed the attendees how easy it is to reverse a media box just by looking into it, do some analyses on the pin-out and just hookup a TTL cable.
A nice overview of the atmosphere of the Commsec area:

Commsec Challenge

Also the Commsec challenge was part of the activities for the hackerspaces this year, Randomdata decided to support the challenge instead of attending due to our 31337 coder named [com]buster, who is a bit too expert on the challenge subject. The challange was sponsored by Microsoft and they brought in Kinect sets to play around with. The hackerspaces had the challenge to create a software interface for the Kinect set so you could create words, sentences and phrases with your body. Finally, at the end of the conference, 3 spaces where left with a working POC, (even one on Linux with freshly written drivers!) and fight for the price of the year, a cheque of 1000 euros!

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