Randomdata at the HiTB Hard-hack village in Kuala Lumpur

A 12 hour flight and you are in Kuala Lumpur where the friends of HiTB and Hackerspace KL are waiting for you. This is what Deathzor, Thursley, beloved friend DrWhax and myself found as soon as we arrived in KL. It was a long flight with less sleep, okay deathzor was snorring like hell but he was the only one...After the airport we visited the hotel/appartment to drop our stuff, a great place with a living, kitchen, double bathroom and 3 toilets! Our little hackerspace for the next days Then it was about time to get some breakfast, it was freaking great! (Thanx Belinda!) And yes, we needed some real 0xf00d... Having breakfastOur friends where so kind to take care of us all day so at least our jetlag would fly by asap. We did shopping for electronics and the hardhack village, a visit to Hackerspace KL and a lot of socializing since we haven't met since HiTB Amsterdam. The first day was really a kickstart KL!Hackerspace Kuala LumpurWithin the next days we did the preparation's with the KL crew for the trainingdays and conference. Whax was working with the CTF guys, Deathzor on training and security, Thursley training and Emcee-ing and for myself Emcee-ing, the HiTB Hard-Hack village together with an Kickstart Arduino class.The conference days really flew by, it was heavy but I think I can speak for all, it was freaking awesome! At the afterparty at the end of conference day 2 we where exhausted but also loaded with new ideas and energy. (L-R: KLKS-Fish_-Kakeman) + Table with goodiesThe final days after the conference we did a lot of shopping, sightseeing and a after-after-party in the NL Crew appartment, some cooling down after a very active moment in our lives..... HiTB Rulez!Conference trackback's:http://conference.hackinthebox.org/hitbsecconf2010kul/http://photos.hackinthebox.org/gallery/http://arduino.cc/blog/2010/10/27/hack-in-the-box-2010-malaysia/

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