Hack in The Box security conference

The biggest security conference from Asia, Hack in The Box, is coming to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Hack in The Box started in 2003 in Malaysia and aims for Security Professionals. The conference will be held on the 29th of June till the 2nd of July.
Hackerspaces will be promoted on this conference by doing special villages. In these villages the hackerspaces will show some projects on which they are working on. Every space will also give a lightning talk. These lightning talks will be given between the "main" conference talks. They'll only be 15 minutes long. The reason for this is to make people interested in the subject so they'll do some more research themselves if they want.
Randomdata will be present and a lightningtalk will be given by us. Which one this will be is still "tba". The projects we will bring is also tba! But for sure is we will give a labsession about Arduino's, an easy to use micro-controller platform. In the hackerspaces village is the opportunity to play around with electronics and Arduino.
Other hackerspaces that will come include;

  • Revspace (nl)
  • /tmp/lab (fr)
  • Hack42 (nl)
  • Hackerspace Brussel (be)
  • The hackerspaces village has free entry, so are you in Amsterdam at the time of this conference, stop by! Check out our village and others. For participating hackerspaces there is a huge discount too for entrance to the presentations and so on. If you want to use the discount option please contact the board of one of the hackerspaces.

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