3D printer for Randomdata: Mendel90

With all the upcoming 3D printers everywhere in the world we decided to join the "3D printer world".

Fish_ started following RD's friend Zarya on his 3D printer adventures.
After some chats and Zarya's new project, to build a Mendel90, he though it would be a smart idea to follow.
The 3D printer will give Randomdata the possibility to print parts, create cases for Raspberry PI's, etc etc.
The printer will be available for public use at Randomdata, a calculation model will be created to pay the plastics and usage of the printer. (price per meter plastic/gram etc)

For now a rough plan has been created and we started to gather/print/create/lasercut/etc parts. In the next few weeks we will build it step by step, test it, calibrate it, etc etc.
If you want to follow the 3D printing adventures you can check out our Mendel90 wiki page

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