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In progress

  • LED clock
  • timelapse-rig for 3d printer. Preferably such that the printhead is not visible, either by moving it away between layers or by reading xyz values somehow and only updating pixels that do not correspond to the printhead at that location(better result but hard to calibrate).
  • Tosti reflow oven
  • time-lapse rig for the 3d printer (details on bitbucket)
  • gemeente mirror
  • coathangers for the space (model ready, waiting for painting session)
  • plants for the space (waiting for painting session first)
  • pomodoro timer pcb (waiting for reflow oven)
  • network video/audio pet-monitor (using parts of the robot below)


  • ambilight clone
  • RPi wifi controllable robot with webcam


  • newspaper monitoring arduino (to tell me at what time the newspaper was delivered)
  • transparent ethernet tap
  • mendel90 upgrade from half finished to newest model


  • build a system that automatically turns the speakers off improvement idea: replace the status led by a multicolor one.
  • try OctoPi
  • capacitive plant-water-monitor
  • oven thermometer(my oven only has a very inaccurate analog thermometer:s)
  • reverse geocache (enclosure and gps module already bought)
  • \me wants to do more home- (and maybe space-) automation someday in the future;)
  • 3d printed glados with jasper voice recognition and preferably also some voice feedback and video recognition.
  • whiteboard plotter (already have some steppers from an old inkjet)