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A special edition christmas arduino workshop. We'll be using a new very small arduino clone called ["Trinket"].
We can make a christmas star/tree with sound effects.
Ardillo did some research and collected a list of parts which can be bought for a fair price.


research: Ardillo
Workshop: Fish_ && Ardillo

Christmas kit

The Trinket is one of the cheapest clone (unless you tinker around yourself).
We've made a DIY christmas kit which consists of the following:

Parts 0xchristmas

amount what price url
1 trinket 5V Logic €8,00 [floris.cc-trinket]
1 breadboard €4,00 [floris.cc-breadboard]
1 USB - mini USB cable €2,08 [Farnell-usb cable]
1 Piezo buzzer €1,00 [Farnell-piezo buzzer]
1 Light Dependant Resistor €0,77 [Farnell-LDR]
2 high power LED's €0,60 [Farnell-LED's]
 ? red/green LED's €?? Randomdata's own supply
 ? jumpers/cables/wire €?? Randomdata's own supply
1 splitted shipping costs €0,56 Farnell & Floris.cc shipping divided by amount of kits
Total €17,01 aproximitly €20

The url's of Farnell are without tax, our price is with 21% tax.

trinket HowTo

During the workshop we tell about arduino's and why they are awesome.
The Trinket is a little different but still easy to work with. It is important to know that your trinket is a 5V Logic version (not the 3.3V). This important when connecting your trinket to sensors, they have to be of the same voltage as your trinket.
Adafruit made a good tutorial on how to use this trinket.

0xchristmas workshop

So for making a Christmas tree/star with sound effects we made a guidance workshop where you are doing all the work and we are just helping. ...more to come, still work in progress...