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Arduino playground by Fish
Arduino playground and projects!
*What: Play with arduino(clones) and see what we can do with it.
*What: Play with arduino(clones) and see what we can do with it.

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Arduino playground and projects!

  • What: Play with arduino(clones) and see what we can do with it.
  • Status: We ordered some stuff for playing.
  • When: As soon as we have them and we know some more we will do a workshop with them.


A project for Brucon: the Beerduino


A Bonus project for Brucon: the bArduino


The Garduino is a AGF, a Automated Garden Facility


The RFiDuino is a project found by Marco Boon: [1], until now we have some problems with the shield but we are troubleshooting soon.

Solar panel Meter

The Solar Panel Meter is a arduino based volt meter with a solar panel


Lot's of people knows the nabaztag, a wifi rabit with all kinds of options to bring information to your livingroom.

Some of those features can also being done by a *duino with connectivity to the net. We want to build a Arduino with internet connectivity, signals and may-be some ears to create a cheap alternative.

For the basic you need some componants:

  • Arduino
  • Some Flashy blinking leds/lights/objects/etc
  • may-be some servo's
  • connectivity options, we will use the ethernetshield for start but other options for the future will be: Xbee, serial connection, etc.
  • A home for our Arduino, LED's, servo's etc.
  • A web server. Probably we will use the NSLU2, it's low cost and we don't need huge amounts of power.

Work in progress

Some links for Arduino related stuff

  • The official Arduino page:www.arduino.cc
  • Were we ordered our second batch: coolcomponents.co.uk
  • Arduino info from Make Magazine:
    • Getting started movie: [2]
    • Connect a Servo to your Arduino: [3]
    • Make your personal flight recorder: [4]
    • Make Arduino Blog: [5]