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Arduino playground by Fish

  • What: Play with arduino(clones) and see what we can do with it.
  • Status: We ordered some stuff for playing.
  • When: As soon as we have them and we know some more we will do a workshop with them.


The Garduino is a AGF, a Automated Garden Facility

Solar panel Meter

The Solar Panel Meter is a arduino based volt meter with a solar panel


Lot's of people knows the nabaztag, a wifi rabit with all kinds of options to bring information to your livingroom.

Some of those features can also being done by a *duino with connectivity to the net. We want to build a Arduino with internet connectivity, signals and may-be some ears to create a cheap alternative.

For the basic you need some componants:

  • Arduino
  • Some Flashy blinking leds/lights/objects/etc
  • may-be some servo's
  • connectivity options, we will use the ethernetshield for start but other options for the future will be: Xbee, serial connection, etc.
  • A home for our Arduino, LED's, servo's etc.
  • A web server. Probably we will use the NSLU2, it's low cost and we don't need huge amounts of power.

Work in progress

Some links for Arduino related stuff

  • The official Arduino
  • Were we ordered our second batch:
  • Arduino info from Make Magazine:
    • Getting started movie: [1]
    • Connect a Servo to your Arduino: [2]
    • Make your personal flight recorder: [3]
    • Make Arduino Blog: [4]

Ordering Arduino's

Fish is having some plans to buy some RBB arduino compatible boards:
If you add your name we can split the cost for ordering and transport. Costs will be divided by the number of people who are ordering
Who want some? (also mail user:fish so he can contact you how the process is going to be)

Product overview

Please add yourself if you like to order other stuff from

What Amount Price info
----------------------------------------------------------- ------------- ------------------ ---------------------------------
RBBB 1 $12 RBBB details
5 $49,80
10 $96,00
BBB 1 $15 BBB detail
4 $48,00
10 $110,00
15 $150,00
USB BUB Board 1 $12,00 Connect details
USB BUB Board + USB cable 1 $13,50 Connect details


Who Amount What
----------------- ------------- -------------------------------
Fish 3 RBBB
2 USB BUB board

don't forget tax and import costs will be added