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This is the information page about how to reach us and how to find us.

Location & Address

The space location

Go to this address and find the fense you see bellow at the pictures:
Parkstraat 40
Keep in mind this is NOT our own housenumber but just an indication

If you want to send post or packages use the address of the foundation.

Google streetview: [1]
Google maps: [2]
Location1.jpg Spacebuild34.jpg


If you come by car just find a parking spot and DON'T forget to buy a parkingticket.
After 19:00 you can buy a "evening ticket" for ?6? euro's

Contact information


Our Twitter posts
Our high volume Twitter posts


<email>:info at sign</email>
Our minister of communication: <email>:zkyp at sign</email>
Or check our board members


We have a phone in the space which is active if we're there.
If you get a modem sound, please wait for the beep (it's a fun message), we will call you back asap.
The number: Since the phone is not used we cancelled the number...


Please register at:

Chatroom / IRC

Channel: #randomdata

Link: freenode
Webchat: Start chat
Javachat: Start javachat


Also check our Agenda with activity's
LinkedIn: [3]
Flickr: [4]