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Hacking at Random 2009 is an international technology & security conference. Four days of technology, ideological debates and hands-on tinkering.

On August 13-16, 2009 the 20th anniversary edition of the four-yearly Dutch outdoor technology-conference will take place at de Paasheuvel near Vierhouten, NL.

We are staying with 2600NL together: https://wiki.har2009.org/page/Village:2600nl



  • Fish (will also be at the FM team)
  • Xor
  • Muomuo (will also be at the FM team)


  • DrWhax
  • Madjo
  • zkyp


  • L33tdawg
  • Mel?


  • thursley
  • IaVVere


  • Free Early morning pancakes by Fish, first the village needs, afterwards other interested people :-)
  • Pure data by DrWhax


The things we bring

amount what who ist das rdy?!
--------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------
1 Party tenty Fish ready
1 Ticket zkyp Yes, I haz now! :)
1 Haspel Fish ready
100 meters UTP + RJ45 connectors + tools  ??? no
1 10/100 switch Fish ready
1 firewall Fish ready
1 lichtslang Fish ready
1 LED board Fish work in progress
1 Extra Tents for HiTB crew Fish work in progress
Pancake shit (milk + butter + flower + syrup + etc) Fish to shop
Gin and a truckload of tonic water zkyp to shop
2+ Cooling box Fish need more!
1 Guitar + Amp DrWhax Ready
1 2:1 Speakerset DrWhax Ready
1 2:1 Speakerset better than DrWhax' & Music zkyp Ready
1 Apparaat om koffie te maken wat veel makkelijker kan maar toch lekkerder smaakt (percolator) Fish Ready
P Camping stuff: Tent, sleeping bag, chair, plate, maglite, etc ALL Be prepared
P Personal stuff: don't wanna know but bring good shoes! ALL Be prepared
P Tools: Knife, screwdrivers, soldering irons, etc ALL Be prepared
P Compatible DECT phone ALL Be prepared

You can find a handy list, made by some happy German campers, of normal camping things here: https://events.ccc.de/camp/2007/Things_to_bring/index.html