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Some lucky mofo's from inside and outside the space can go to hitb2011kul which is the hack in the box conference which takes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



  • Fish
  • Junk (registration)
  • Itdeal


  • DrWhax (ctf + radio)
  • Blasty (ctf)
  • Itq guys

HITB NL Crew Stuff

We ofcourse want to bring stuff over, for fun and profit or just personal stuffz, basicly it just a list to keep organised a bit ^__^

amount what who ist das rdy?!
--------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------
X Cisco switches Someone ready
9000 Gift for hitb guys! Warm your soldering irons! ALL work in progress
9000 Dutchband ALL JA!
1 Portable mic to make radio fish_ JA!
P Personal stuff: don't wanna know but bring good shoes and no warm stuff! ALL Be prepared
P Passport ALL Be prepared
P UK stekkers ALL Be prepared

0-9: The amount of items
X+: We have "X" but we need more!
P: Personal
∞: Unlimited

Stuff for hackerplayground

amount what who HSKL/RD rdy?!
--------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- --------------------------------- ---
>4 Soldering irons + tools Kakeman HSKL  ??
kits Soldering kits  ?? Fish + Kakeman? HSKL + RD 20%
>4 Arduino playground stuff Fish + Kakeman HSKL + RD 50%
>1337 LED's Fish RD 50%
>5 Lazzzzors  ?? Fish + Kakeman? HSKL + RD 20%