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The basic idea behind the Kitecam is to attach a camcorder to a powerkite and launch the kite. Recording or taking pictures from a height of 30 meters can be a very nice experience.

Update 20090530: Spoke tonight to a sales representative of a major video surveillance company. There seems to be a possibility to get a sponsored professional (wireless) cam. There is a dutch saying 'voort wat hoort wat', so I need to iron out to small details around this deal...Sounds good doesn't it?

The kite

Speedwing Pro?


The Speedwing Pro is known as a solid 'not breakable' kite. ( It's true :) ) It can lift some weigth, but not that much. It is capable of stunting and tricks. It has some great cam mounting possibilities

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C-Quad 3.2/ 4.2


The C-Quad kites are capable of lifting some heavy objects. So very capable of lifting a camcorder. There are very less mounting points.

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