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*[[Donations|Contributors, sponsors, people we love!]]
*[[Donations|Contributors, sponsors, people we love!]]

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Welcome to Randomdata

Randomdata is group of people who want to do "technical" stuff. Randomdata is a hackerspace. A hackerspace is a real (as opposed to virtual) place where people with common interests, usually in science, technology, or digital or electronic art can meet, socialize and collaborate. A hackerspace can be viewed as an open community lab, workbench, machine shop, workshop and/or studio where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to share resources and knowledge to build/make things. We build, we break, we create, we invent and of course we hack.

Before, when we had no space, we started to do "homespace sessions". But now we have found our space and we will continue there with sessions like: mind hacking, soft/hard hacking and a lot of other things we like to do. There are no actual limits to creativity (unless it's illegal ;)). The foundation "stichting Randomdata" is now a fact. Come take a look if you like! You're welcome!

Hack the planet!

This wiki has been created for the members of Randomdata to leave information, start-up & maintain projects, random spam, etc.
Feel free to leave, create, modify, etc any page. This is a wiki! :D

Status Randomdata

The building is complete! We are ready to start some projects. We will get pages with some more information about them up soon! Meanwhile check the space page for some pictures or our spacecam [1].

Want to use the space? Contact one of the Keymasters

Current active pages: