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Welcome to Randomdata.

Randomdata is group of people who want to do technical stuff, we build, we break, we create and we invent.

Currently we are in the startup phase and doing the official stuff.
We have found our space! Check the space! The foundation "randomdata" is almost a fact.

Since we had no space, we started to do homespace sessions. But now we have a space we will continue there with sessions like: mind hacking, soft hacking and hard hacking and a lot of other things we like to do. But actually there are no limits (unless it's illegal). Come take a look if you like! You're welcome!

Hack the planet!

This wiki has been created for the members of Randomdata to leave information, start-up & maintain projects, etc. etc.
Feel free to leave, create, modify, etc any page. This is a wiki! :D

Status Randomdata

We have a space and we could possibly use a hand or two with the manual labour ;), wanna help? Just drop us a message, we could use some help to cleanup and build. Check out the communication page to find out how to contact us.

Current active pages: