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So this is where the great master plan will be put. Hmm, ok - I better get started then.


I think it's best to start off with a simple inventarisation of the stuff which is in the space now to see:

  • What is actually worth something and can be sold?
  • What can we use or buy of the owner? (YES, WE WANT THAT PIRATEWHEEL)
  • What has to be thrown away? -> Bigger trash has to be taken away, who will do this?


The main question: What do we want? And of course, how much will it cost?

The things we bring

Costs What? Why? Amount of
------------ --------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------
€0-40 (2nd hand-) Couch For those brainstorm chill moments... 1
 ? Tables To work on? A few
~€50 (cheap combi-) Microwave To nuke 1
~€15-20 Tosti ijzer to bake kipfilet ;) 1
 ? Chairs to work on? A few
~€50 (2nd hand?) Fridge Obvious reasons 1
€0 Old PC hardware to work on/play with A lot of it?