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So this is where the great master plan will be put. Hmm, ok - I better get started then.


I think it's best to start off with a simple inventarisation of the stuff which is in the space now to see:

  • What is actually worth something and can be sold?
  • What can we use or buy of the owner? (YES, WE WANT THAT PIRATEWHEEL)
  • What has to be thrown away? -> Bigger trash has to be taken away, who will do this?

So, let's make a list as soon as possible.


The main question: What do we want? And of course, how much will it cost?

Costs What? Why? Amount of Extra:
------------ --------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- -------------------------------
€0-40 (2nd hand-) Couch For those brainstorm chill moments... 1
 ? Tables To work on? A few zkyp has 1 table 1.5/0.75 meter or so ready (if needed)
€25-50 (cheap combi-) Microwave To nuke 1 zkyp has a normal microwave ready (if needed)
€15-20 Tosti ijzer to bake kipfilet ;) 1
 ? Chairs to work on? A few zkyp has 4 chairs (if needed)
~€50 (2nd hand?) Fridge Obvious reasons 1
€0 Old PC hardware to work on/play with A lot of it?

Feel free to add ;)

Ze interwebz and power

  • I am thinking we are going to use quite a lot of power, how will we measure this so it won't be unfair towards the shop owner?
  • Going to need different current-groups.
  • Will we get internet from the shop? Do we have to pay extra for it? How fast is it? Can we abuse it? ;)

Toilet&Kitchen area

Toilet needs to be built, kitchen probably has to be modified. Are we going to do it? If someone else does it, what will be the costs?

Extra door

As far as I know, there will be an extra door between the studio and our space so that they can use our toilet. I take it this door is going to be installed by a professional? How will we secure it to make sure no shady characters come in a inconvenient time?

Keys and outside door

The fence and door are separate keys, I guess. Who will get the keys for the space? All members? Maybe there should come a ruling with certain fixed days of people being there.