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Started and Finished: May 9 2013
Goal: equip an micro quadcopter with an onboard camera. Who: Ardillo


Well after some hours of Java programming I needed c0ffee and thought about an coffee project. In my goodie stash I had an Microcopter from the brand Reely, I bought it once from Conrad. Back then it was a bit cheaper then the price for which you can buy it now.
I had an very small video capture device as well, this one came from HobbyKing. So I wanted to combine the two together.

Specs quadcopter

Reely is the homebrand of Conrad a supplier in electronics. The Reely quadcopter is a very small one. It comes with an 433MHz controller. The quadcopter has the normal 4 axes which you can expect from a quadcopter. There is a small 2S LiPo battery which has a 7.4V and 350mA.
To charge the battery you can place it in an USB dongle which can only be used to charge the battery. The Reely MC120 can easily by controlled. There is a switch on the bottom of the vehicle which can be used to change the sensitivity. While doing this a led on the vehicle changes color. There are three levels:

  • Beginner, LED is green
  • Advanced, LED is orange
  • Pro, LED is red

For more detailed specs look at the site of Conrad.

Specs video device

HobbyKing sells this camera to place it under a wing of a RC plane. This camera unit has it own LiPo battery which is a 3.7V 850mAh. With this battery the camera can record up to 3 hours.
The device itself is coming from a normal commercial product an this is only its interns.


Quadcopter2.jpg Quadcopter3.jpg Quadcopter4.jpg Quadcopter7.jpg Quadcopter6.jpg Camera2.jpg