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#Lennart (Friend of Abouttheroute)
#Lennart (Friend of Abouttheroute)
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|Our new [[Wallboard]]'s || Fish_ || Fish_
|Our new [[Wallboard]]'s || Fish_ || Fish_
|[[Adruino_14_segment_LED_board | Blinky]] (2.0) || Fish_ || Fish_
|[[Adruino_14_segment_LED_board | Blinky]] (1.0) || Fish_ || Fish_
|HITB Coffemaker || Fish_ || Fish_
|HITB Coffemaker || Fish_ || Fish_
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|Coolbox || Fish_ || Fish_
|Coolbox || Fish_ || Fish_
|Backuptents for Harmless and RufIO || Fish_ || Fish_
|Backup tents for TheHITBConferenceOverlord and RufIO || Fish_ || Fish_
|1 crate of 1337mate || iTdeal || iTdeal
|1 crate of 1337mate || iTdeal || iTdeal

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Observe Hack Make 2013


A five day outdoor international camping festival for hackers and makers, and those with an inquisitive mind.
On 31st July 2013, 3000 of those minds will descend upon on an unassuming patch of land, at the Geestmerambacht festival grounds, 30km north of Amsterdam.
Hack in The Random 2600 NL Data Box is present on the amazing OHM event with our own village.

Reference: OHM2013.org - About

Who's joining the Hack in The Random 2600 NL Data Box village?

You can buy tickets at ohm2013.org - tickets

  1. Fish_
  2. Deathzor
  3. Thursley
  4. Ardillo
  5. Abouttheroute
  6. Combuster
  7. DrWhax
  8. Zkyp
  9. Xenomatrix
  10. RufIO
  11. jeroenh
  12. phrake
  13. Synnack
  14. junk (XL)
  15. AK47
  16. Harmless
  17. Erik
  18. RSpliet
  19. iTdeal
  20. Kalola
  21. Lennart (Friend of Abouttheroute)
  22. TheHITBConferenceOverlord
  23. Zarul


IRC, Freenode #Randomdata
Manual mailinglist, contact user:fish


Some people have cars, some commute using public transport. Lets get a good overview of who does what, to see if further arrangements can be made regarding transportation of goods and bads. Car-pooltable:

Car owner Leaves when Returns when Free seats Room for extra goods? Takes who
Example person 13-37-2013 20-37-2013 0 Yes/No Example poorman

Preparation meeting

Maybe some meetings in the upcoming weeks for arranging some stuff would be nice.

  • Tuesday 7 may 2013:
    • Some discussion and inventarisation of needs
    • Who is going by which transport method (airplane, horse, car)
    • Some more projects perhaps
    • WVTTK (all other what's important)


What are we going to need at OHM?

This has to be completed

Thing Transport By Who
Laptopz OR Hacktopz (think of hardening) - everybody
Personal thingy's - everybody
Party tent (comes in handy when working on projects) Fish_ Fish_
Table and bench (for in party tent) support truck/car?  ?
Chairs support truck/car? Everybody his own
Power cables support truck/car? Everybody & longones Fish_
BBQ weber And stuff (depends if possible/allowed)  ? Ardillo
soldering iron + solder + desoldering pump support truck/car?  ?
LED's + arduino's + other parts support truck/car? Everybody and: Fish_, Ardillo
Lights, lichtslang, etc everybody Everybody
Our new Wallboard's Fish_ Fish_
Blinky (1.0) Fish_ Fish_
HITB Coffemaker Fish_ Fish_
Pancakes supplies: pan, oil, sirup, paincakemix Fish_ Fish_
Coolbox Fish_ Fish_
Backup tents for TheHITBConferenceOverlord and RufIO Fish_ Fish_
1 crate of 1337mate iTdeal iTdeal
speakerset + raspberry + remote iTdeal iTdeal
Beamer + sheets to project on iTdeal iTdeal
Big floor fan iTdeal iTdeal
Gigabit switch / if needed! Abouttheroute Abouttheroute

Party tent

We can rent a very big Party tent from our friends at Bitlair. As part of the deal a donation of €50 to Bitlair is desirable.


See some pic's of my two trailers, free available for transport of heavy stuff, for anyone with a car with a trailer hitch, see the lower 3 files in the directory below. http://salax.home.xs4all.nl/ohm2013/ ( obviously I will remove the motorcycle-transport gear from my trailer ). Grtz, Xenomatrix.

Projects @ OHM

Some of the things we would like to Observe, Hack, Make in our own village.

  • 13 feet high Blinky
  • Some message board with one or more Wallboard's
  • Have a L0t of \0/
  • Other mind bl0wing ideas FILL IN HERE

Plans and progress

- 7th of may, kickof 19:30 at Randomdata