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Started: September 21 2013
Status: Active
Goal: experiment with Eagle and making pcb's and ending with an awesome thingy.
Who: Ardillo


Thanks to the guys of puscii. I found out that there is/was an event at Ordina Nieuwegein and thanks of that I found the open source project of Tim Becker.


Tim designed the AnyKey0x.de which is a small development board. As an enthousiast of small-and-capable-of-a-lot hardware I really wanted one, and with me a couple others. Since Tim made his project completely open source. I would like to thank Tim for sharing such an awesome project. All the kudo's (or base) belong to you.


The only change I made for now is just the text on the board, but it would be nice if we made some major changes to it. That depends a little on the enthusiasm we get from it. So at the moment it is just a fork of the original with no enhancements what so ever.


Before doing this I needed to refresh my skills with Eagle. I used a simple howto guide on the sparfun website.
Eagle: Schematics
Eagle: PCB Layout
In the end you have a fully Sparkfun modified Eagle setup and the knowledge to make a Serial to USB converter, because it is the training object of the tutorial.


AnyKey0x.de -- the one and only original
AnyKey0x.de Github -- all the files including sdk
MakePCB.com -- for making PCB's off course
Post @knutsel.org -- making cheap PCB's


to come...