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When: before 7-7-2012<br>
When: before 7-7-2012<br>
Payment: to fish_ before ordering<br>
Payment: to fish_ before ordering<br>
Where: ledsee via samenkopen.nl: http://www.samenkopen.net/action_products/173337

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Buy it together :-)

Ledsee.com by fish_

Who: fish_
When: before 7-7-2012
Payment: to fish_ before ordering


amount what url who price total
2 1 meter warm wit led strip 60 leds 14,4W http://www.samenkopen.net/action_product/173337/910440 Fish 15,-
1 5 meter RGB strip 30 LED per meter, 2A 12V adapter, 44 functies controller http://www.samenkopen.net/action_product/173337/930576 Fish 31,-
1 54 led digital strip controller http://www.samenkopen.net/action_product/173337/399886 Fish 10,-
2 433 Mhz sender & receiver http://www.samenkopen.net/action_product/173337/262789 Fish 5,50
2 NRF24L01+: 2.4GHz transceiver http://www.samenkopen.net/action_product/173337/13996 Fish 6,80