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So... After getting his first Solderlesson from master Fish_ junk was ready to try something new! After realizing his room was a pretty dark place (not only because of the huge amounts of dust!) he decided to create a lamp for his room. He saw a Philips lamp in the shop and thought that it would be possible to create one himself & also a lot cheaper!!

so here's a little photosession of junk's work:
00001.jpg 00002.jpg
Some simple wood to stick the LED's on! 00003.jpg 00004.jpg 00005.jpg 00006.jpg Some power just for testing purposes... final set will be hooked up to a 3V outputting adapter 00007.jpg
Yes You have to stay sharp while working!! 00008.jpg 00009.jpg 00011.jpg 00012.jpg ,br /> It will be 7 layers thick in the end! 00013.jpg