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We have found our space!
We need to change a lot but at least we can start. We have found the space in a nice shopping street with all kinds of facility's like computer stores, a supermarket, some cafes, restaurants, donnerkebab :-), sushi, wokstuff, c0ff33 toko, etc.

Pictures of the "before"

Spacebefore1.jpg Spacebefore2.jpg Spacebefore3.jpg Spacebefore4.jpg Spacebefore5.jpg Spacebefore6.jpg Spacebefore7.jpg 250px

The master plan

Something to begin, this list will grow....


We need to remove a lot of stuff of the old owner, cleanup day(s) will be planned soon. Check the Agenda


We want to do some things like:

  • build working desk
  • arrange a couch
  • we need to build a toilet
  • we need a fridge an a microwave
  • to keep everything cool we need some rules (sorry!)