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We have found our space!
Adjustments to the space are needed a lot but at least we can start!

The space is in a nice shopping street with all kinds of facility's like computer stores, a supermarket, some cafes, restaurants, donnerkebab :-), sushi, wokstuff, c0ff33 toko, etc. It's not too big but fine enough to start. Also the rent, other facility's and so on or arranged.


Google maps

What is arround the space?

Pictures of the "before"

Spacebefore1.jpg Spacebefore2.jpg Spacebefore3.jpg Spacebefore4.jpg Spacebefore5.jpg Spacebefore6.jpg Spacebefore7.jpg

Pictures of the "build"

Spacebuild1.jpg Spacebuild2.jpg Spacebuild3.jpg Spacebuild4.jpg Spacebuild5.jpg Spacebuild6.jpg Spacebuild7.jpg Spacebuild8.jpg Spacebuild9.jpg Spacebuild10.jpg Spacebuild11.jpg Spacebuild12.jpg Spacebuild13.jpg Spacebuild14.jpg Spacebuild15.jpg Spacebuild16.jpg Spacebuild17.jpg

The master plan



Stuff we still need

  • A comfy couch
  • A television (2de hands breedbeeldje ofzo?)
  • Hardware!