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The Spacebot is used to control space related automation tasks.



Our goals for now

  • Temperature monitor and (remote)control
  • Space status (open, close) automation and interfacing to Twitter


  • Monitoring of light and temperature:
    • graphs
    • IRC #randomdata !status
    • Status.html also used for and blogpage: status.html
    • Environment page: [1]
  • Space status tweeter to @randomdataspace


  • Arduino: [2]
  • Sensor shield: [3]
  • DS18B20 Temperature sensor: [4]
  • LDR (Light Dependant Resistor): [5]

The Arduino with the sensorshield and sensors is connected thru USB to a NSLU2 (this could also be a regular pc). A cron job reads every minute the serial port of the [Arduino]. It will display the value's of the light sensor and the temperature sensor. Thru a http call to our server the cron job will post these value's to the Randomdata webserver. The webserver will store the value's and add them to cacti, make some calculations if the light of the space is already on (or off) for 5 minutes and take some actions like twitter and adjust some html pages.

To fix, adjust etc

  • Publish documented code of the Arduino
  • Publish the scripts of the cron job
  • Publish the scripts of the webserver
  • Publish the IRC scripts
  • create a more permanent casing for the Arduino
  • add an electronic valve to the heating system
  • activate the central heating valve
  • add functionality to the system to put the temperature up and down (IRC "!temp up" & "!temp down" & "!temp up 17:00-23:00"