Tosti Reflow Oven

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To make an smd reflow oven from an old sandwich oven.


what details status on ebay? price
sandwich oven jeroenh has it
thermocouple k type ordered $1.22
thermocouple ic max6675 ordered $4.95
sop8 adapter for max6675 ordered $1.58
controller arduino pro mini ordered $2.80
relay solid state 25A 350V~ received@sjoerd $3.67
breadboard sjoerd has it
16x2 lcd display sjoerd has it
buzzer sjoerd has it

Total price: $14.22(=E10.51)


  • we will need an enclosure for the 230V part, it has huge screw terminals that will be at high voltage when in operation.
  • when(if) the thing works we may also want a case for the other parts to keep it organised.
  • we will also need a flat piece of metal to rest the subject on during soldering.

Useful links


First part received!

Solid state relay