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Hi there!

I'm Fish, just a guy who loves tweaking.
In december 2008 I had a great visit of Eric Michaud, he was staying for some days with me.
We talked a lot about hackerspaces and their functions. He gave me the idea to setup something in the neighborhood of Utrecht. Since then I talked a lot with Kahits to see what we can do. For now we are investigating a lot and we are doing some small projects with the board to keep evertything "cool".

If you have something to add, if you would like to do something, if you are able to start a meet, just let us know. You can contact me at fish (and then the "at" sign) smurfer (and then the "dot") net.

Greetz, Fish

Some great DIY projects:

This is how I could look like:

Fish dude.jpg
Let's setup a space project! :-)