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==Unbiased Information About Fake Cigarettes==
Fake cigarettes do not mean the cigarettes being referred are poor replica of the real thing. They are still cigarettes minus most of the hazards found in traditional ones. Cigarette smoking is one of the most popular addictions of people regardless of ethnicity, age, geographic location or economic status. Considering the numerous harmful effects of cigarette smoking, various types of cessation techniques were introduced to the public to minimize people’s craving on cigarettes. Some of the most popular cessation techniques include nicotine patch, Nicorette gum and other tools that aim to deliver nicotine to your body the safer and less hazardous way. Most of these methods were carefully examined by FDA and were subject on social debates because while these methods are less offensive to the body and the people surrounding the smoker, it does not actually address the issue of smoking as a habit or addiction.
What Are Fake Cigarettes and How Do They Work?
Fake cigarettes are artificial cigarettes that are normally electronic and rechargeable that work by creating water vapor that contains nicotine. An electronic cigarette is designed to decrease your craving for cigarettes through the water vapor while keeping your habit of inhaling cigarette smoke. A fake cigarette is also suggested to people who want to quit smoking because the process of quitting does not shock the system thereby eliminating withdrawal syndrome since you continually smoke but the amount of nicotine introduced to the body is lesser. If you are interested to quit smoking, you can use fake cigarettes less frequently until you eventually stop smoking without much difficulty.   
The Hazards of Fake or Electronic Cigarettes
Fake cigarettes can mistakably give you the impression that they are risk-free. You should remember that when used incorrectly or by minors, [http://www.saudi-un-ny.net/e-cigarettes.html e cigarettes] can still be dangerous. Although they are indeed less harmful than traditional cigarettes, they are not totally off the hook. In fact, a study was conducted to test a number of electronic cigarettes and based on the findings; some e-cigarettes contain 2 substances that are harmful to the body. No matter how less harmful electronic cigarettes are, they still contain nicotine which remains addictive and a major cause of some forms of cancer and other serious health issues.   
Some Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes
Although there are still risks when using fake cigarettes, these risks can be overshadowed if eventually it would make you quit smoking. Compared to actual cigarettes, electronic ones contain much lesser amount of nicotine thus safer yet they remain to satisfy nicotine cravings. They do not give off offensive smoke that could not only damage the user but also the people around him. And since [http://www.saudi-un-ny.net/electronic-cigarettes.html electronic cigarettes] do not give off smoke like regular cigarettes, you can practically use it anywhere you want to without getting reprimanded or even penalized. They are also environment friendly because it does not require paper for its wrap or butts thus it lessens the need to cut trees for paper. Also, e-cigarettes are much cheaper compared to buying packs of cigarettes every day.

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