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#DrWhax (non-member)
#DrWhax (non-member)
Please add yourself to the list
Please add yourself to the list

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Office espionage: 22nd of June

These days it seems that servers and firewalls are properly configured to stop uninvited guests trying to get sensitive information. The question is; Are people aware of all kinds of other physical breaches?

The Workshop details

When: TBA
Where: The space
Who: zkyp
On this workshop we will do:

  • A short introduction
  • Presentation
  • Some games to see if the workshop taught you anything :-)

Stuff you need: A brain which can think out of the box

Who's attending?

Max 6 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.
Non-members will be kindly asked for a donation.

  1. zkyp
  2. Fish_ (let's spy zkyp :p)
  3. junk
  4. DrWhax (non-member)
  5. Retrace
  6. Thursley

Please add yourself to the list



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