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Build a overhead projector beamer: 9 March

We will build our own beamer for our hacker movie nights. When: Tuesday 9 March 19:00-21:30, food at 18:00
Where: The space
Max 4 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.

  • Fish
  • Kahits
  • Please add yourself to the list


OHPbeamer1.png 250px 250px


http://www.neoweb.nl/infopages/tftbeamer.html http://bit.ly/coit5v

Pure-Data Workshop: 14 May

DrWhax will be doing a workshop in Pure-Data. Pure-Data is a realtime visual programming language to do wicked things with audio, visual & graphical processing.
What you need:

  • Headphones! <-- must!
  • Laptop Everything that is Linux! Windows is allowed ;<

This workshop will be focusing on creating some visuals which reacts on audio.
When: Friday 14 May 19.00-22.00, food at 18.00!



Add yourself

6 people max! Signup fast!

  • Fish
  • Example
  • Youri
  • Deathzor


Arduino introduction workshop: 2 March

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.
It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.
We (Randomdata) are using the platform a lot to do our fun projects. Why? It's easy, quite cheap, cross platform, extendable etc.

The Workshop details

When: Tuesday 2 March 19:00-21:30, food at 18:00
Where: The space
Who: Fish_
On this workshop we will do:

  • Introduction to Arduino, what is, how, etc
  • Breaking the limits of Arduino's
  • Arduino extensions:
  • Sample projects
  • DIY Arduino basics or build a stripduino on a breadboard yourself

Stuff you need:

  • Everything what's cool and we don't have
  • Laptop with windows/linux/osX with USB port
  • USB Cable

Who's attending?

Max 6 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.
Non-members will be kindly asked for a donation.

  • Please add yourself to the list
  • junk (will be there anyway ;))
  • zkyp
  • Youri
  • ETR (bringing own arduino)
  • Marijn (^what he said)
  • Nicolex