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DIY Amateur radio license & The 21th century Radio - Kickoff 17-01-2012

For alle the updates, please go to Ham_radio Fish_ and I (Abouttheroute) have been talking about 27mc and amateur radio lately with the goal of setting up packet radio links between hackerspaces both in the Netherlands and worldwide. We have decided to skip the 27mc band and head straight to the "real" amateur radio stuff.

To prefent the space from being raided by the dutch "agentschap telecom" we must start with getting a license, so DIY study time!

At the first workshop day we will:
A: Choose the exam (N / F)
B: How to study / Plan study evening
C: Set a exam date
D: Discuss study details

After we have passed our exams, it's to discuss hardware! We have to build radio's, antenna's, packet modem's etc. So a lot of tinkering to do!

The Workshop details

Starting at 17th of Januari 2012
Where: Le space
Time: 19:00 - 20:00, 18:00 0xf00d
Who: Abouttheroute

Who's attending?

Max 6 persons.

  1. Abouttheroute
  2. Fish_
  3. [com]buster
  4. ctrlsoft

Please add yourself to the list.

In the pipeline

To CTF or not to CTF. How to be a leet ctf'er!

How win all the capture the flag games? That's what everyone wants to know! Me^WWe will give a short introduction on how to crack the challenges and win the game.
This night is brought you by several hack in the ctf members!

The Workshop details

When: 30th of August 18:00 0xf00d and 19:00 start
Who: DrWhax
On this workshop you will learn:

  • A short introduction of playing the wargames/ctf
  • How to attack various challenges.
  • Find 0dayz!

Stuff you need: A laptop, your hax0r mindset.

Who's attending?

Max 15 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.
Non-members will be kindly asked for a donation.

Please add yourself to the list.

  1. Fish_
  2. Mortal (non-member

Build your own camera: NEW DATE SCHEDULED SOON!

Every body has one, isn't it a dedicated camera then it's one in your phone, ipod, etc.
In this session we will bring you back to the old days, the days when it al started: 1816.
We will build a real pinhole camera and test it. Afterwards we are able to test it and scan our pictures.

The Workshop details

200px 200px
When: NEW DATE SCHEDULED SOON 18:00 0xf00d, 19:00 start workshop
Where: The space
Who: fish
On this workshop we will do:

  • A short introduction
  • Build a pinhole camera
  • Use the camera
  • Develope the films (may-be color, otherwise B/W)

There can be some small costs for the material, more info later.

Who's attending?

Max 6 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.
Non-members will be kindly asked for a donation.

  1. Please add yourself to the list
  2. DrWhax (non-member)
  3. Kalola
  4. iTdeal

Interactive workshop; How to be a dick.

So, you are a very hard and good worker in a projectgroup but there's this guy who is REALLY NICE but totally worthless and you don't know how to break this to him? In that case you're in the right spot.
Your boss or someone else who is higher in a suit-hierarchy is wrong but you are too scared to say anything? Be a dick, it doesn't matter - as long as you're right.
Did you know? Girls love a man who isn't a pussy. You can't be a straight-up dick to them though, you have to take a more sarcastic and/or double meaning approach, I will talk about my secret skillz.

The Workshop details

When: DATE SOON, IN 2012 SOMEWHERE IF WE SUVIVE 18:00 0xf00d, 19:00 start workshop ??;?? Beertime
Where: The space
Who: zkyp
On this workshop we will do:

  • Presentation with slides
  • Stories/Roleplay
  • Call zkyp a dick
  • Troll some on IRC
  • Drink beer and try them in a pub

Who's attending?

Max 5 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.
Non-members will be kindly asked for a donation.

Please add yourself to the list
  1. DrWhax (non-member & asshole)
  2. Fish_ (member & shithead)
  3. [com]buster (member & cave troll)




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