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BGP and IPv6 with Iljitsch van Beijnum 30 november 2012

BGP and IPv6 expert Iljitsch van Beijnum has been so kind to come to RandomData to give a talk about IPv6 and BGP!

For a lot of folks Iljitsch doesn't need an introduction: For the rest of us:

(Stolen from Ars Technica)

In the late 1990s, Iljitsch worked in the Internet Service Provider business in the Netherlands. 
In 2000, he became a freelance writer and networking consultant. He wrote "BGP," (O'Reilly, 2002)
a book about the BGP routing protocol, and "Running IP6v" (Apress, 2005). Iljitsch
is currently putting the finishing touches on his Ph.D. work at the telematics department at
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) in Spain. He contributes articles about network protocols
such as IPv6 as well as Apple-related topics to Ars Technica. When his iPhone is out of podcasts,
he contemplates writing science fiction one day.

An other small detail: I've learned the basics of BGP using the book Iljitsch wrote, I I'll consider it a honor to have him in Randomdata!


Where: Randomdata space
When: 30 november


To be announced!

Who's attending?

Max 10 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.(and routing nerds :) )
Non-members will be kindly asked for a donation.

Please add yourself to the list.

  1. Abouttheroute
  2. Fish_
  3. Wilco
  4. AK47
  5. MishMash
  6. Eightdot
  7. [Com]Buster
  8. Deathzor

Gaming night(s) next TBD

Check the Gaming page :-) Gaming_night

Open day, Date TBD

Randomdatafulllogo.jpg Spacebuild31.jpg Spacebuild33.jpg
Randomdata is opening their doors in a free format way to start some activity's yourself.
We have DIY Activity's from 10:00 till 17:00.
We might do some presentations too. As soon as we have a date we let you know!

Sample Activity's

Keymasters available during the day

Who From Till Does What Keymaster
Fish_ 10:00 14:00 doing Arduino Hacks, IDS stuff, Randomhacks Yes
zkyp 13:00 17:00 Talking about hackerspaces and answering questions (presentation?) Yes
Keymasters, add yourself!

In the pipeline

BGP for beginners

Abouttheroute does what he likes best: Talking about the routes! In this workshop we will focus on the basics: what is BGP, where is it used, some basic LAB's etc.

If appreciated by the crowd: An advanced session can be arranged on a later date.

Date will be somewhere in the end of November.


Where: Randomdata space
Who: Abouttheroute

Who is interested?

Please leave your name if you would like to attend

Topics requested

If you have any (beginners) BGP topics you would like to discuss during this workshop: suggestions are welcome :)

To CTF or not to CTF. How to be a leet ctf'er!

How win all the capture the flag games? That's what everyone wants to know! Me^WWe will give a short introduction on how to crack the challenges and win the game.
This night is brought you by several hack in the ctf members!

The Workshop details

When: 30th of August 18:00 0xf00d and 19:00 start
Who: DrWhax
On this workshop you will learn:

  • A short introduction of playing the wargames/ctf
  • How to attack various challenges.
  • Find 0dayz!

Stuff you need: A laptop, your hax0r mindset.

Who's attending?

Max 15 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.
Non-members will be kindly asked for a donation.

Please add yourself to the list.

  1. Fish_
  2. Mortal (non-member
  3. junk

Build your own camera: NEW DATE SCHEDULED SOON!

Every body has one, isn't it a dedicated camera then it's one in your phone, ipod, etc.
In this session we will bring you back to the old days, the days when it al started: 1816.
We will build a real pinhole camera and test it. Afterwards we are able to test it and scan our pictures.

The Workshop details

200px 200px
When: NEW DATE SCHEDULED SOON 18:00 0xf00d, 19:00 start workshop
Where: The space
Who: fish
On this workshop we will do:

  • A short introduction
  • Build a pinhole camera
  • Use the camera
  • Develope the films (may-be color, otherwise B/W)

There can be some small costs for the material, more info later.

Who's attending?

Max 6 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.
Non-members will be kindly asked for a donation.

  1. Please add yourself to the list
  2. DrWhax (non-member)
  3. Kalola
  4. iTdeal



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