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#AK47 (May-be)
==Sniffing and manipulating Local Area Networks - 5th of July 2013==
==Sniffing and manipulating Local Area Networks - 5th of July 2013==

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Home Automation, in's and out's - 3rd of June 2013

Nowadays you can control your home in many ways, doors, camera's, heating/airco, windows, etc etc. During this presentation an expert on home automation will tell us how it works, what you can do and show us some real example's.

The Workshop details

When: 3rd june 18:00 0xf00d, 19:00 start workshop
Where: The space
Who: Enver Tanriverdi
Language: Dutch

Who's attending?

Max 8 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.

  1. Presenter: Enver Tanriverdi
  2. Fish_
  3. Ardillo

Please leave your name if you would like to attend, Prio on #randomdata people's, guests are kindly asked for a donation for the space.

RIPE Atlas probes at hackerspaces - 7th of June 2013

Ripeatlasprovev03.pngRipeatlas nlmap.png
With your help, the RIPE NCC is building the largest Internet measurement network ever made. RIPE Atlas employs a global network of probes that measure Internet connectivity and reachability, providing an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time.

The Workshop details

When: 3rd june 18:00 0xf00d, 19:00 start workshop
Where: The space
Language: English

Speakers Bio

I have six hands with which I am juggling my six roles: mother, hacker/activist, lover, expat, Ms Measurements, lecturer

For my work, I moved to Amsterdam from Belgrade, in 1999. At RIPE NCC, I was a trainer for 12 years, teaching ISPs around Europe and world about how Internet is governed and built, talking about DNS, IPv6, BGP, IETF, ICANN... Last 2 years I am a Community Builder around measurements and tools that R&D of RIPE NCC builds, that are looking at the stability & quality of Internet around the world.

Before that, during and after, I was an activist & hacker, taking part in Dutch hacker scene (Hippies From Hell) & conferences (HIP97, HAL2001, WTH2005, HAR2009 & OHM2013) and German Chaos Camps (CCC in '99, 2007, 2011); I started by being part on B92 & OpenNet in Belgrade, and part of communities/mailing lists syndicate & nettime. Currently, I am a secretary at the Amsterdam hackerspace: Technologia Incognita.

I have/had 3 children, with my Dutch ex-partner, and I am now "living apart together" with my wonderful love and lover.

I am a Community Builder for RIPE Atlas and member of Technologia Incognita, Amsterdam Hackerspace -- and a friend of many other hackerspaces (see my other workshop at 29c3: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/Hackerspaces_exchange) My goal is to have one RIPE Atlas probe installed in every hackerspace -- combining work and pleasure.

Who's attending?

Max 8 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.

  1. Presenter: BECHA
  2. Fish_
  3. Ardillo
  4. AK47 (May-be)
  6. Splietjuh
  7. DerSchweiz

Sniffing and manipulating Local Area Networks - 5th of July 2013

It's difficult to cover the whole subject in one single sentence so the title is probably a little unprecise. The presentation will be about ARP Man-In-The-Middle-Attacks, DNS-Poisoning, traffic redirection and what you can do with it when combining them all.

When : 5th of July 2013 - 18:00 Time to eat 19:00 Start of workshop/presentation
Where : Hackerspace Randomdata, Utrecht
Who : Ruben Unteregger (Der Schweiz)


  • Categorizing traffic
  • Sniffing DNS
  • Sniffing HTTP (Password and sessions)
  • Redirecting connections
  • Intercepting connections - HTTP(S) reverse proxies
  • HTTP response injection - *.exe injection, request redirection
  • What's to come in future releases ...

Who's coming?

  1. Der Schweiz
  2. Fish_
  3. Zwamkat (t.b.c.)
  4. Phrake (t.b.c.)
  5. Cuckoo
  6. Ardillo

- Please add yourself to the list

t.b.c. = To Be Confirmed

In the pipeline


HI all: Bad news: I'm nullrouting my packets at this moment, I fear I've gotten a mayor cold, so I'll be in bed with some oranges and a cup of thee tonight. I'm also starting a new job on friday, so I can't take any risk in letting this cold grow worse..

( Sorry to let you all down, and I'll reschedule asap, and first mate on me for the inconvenience :)

Abouttheroute does what he likes best: Talking about the routes! In this workshop we will focus on the basics: what is BGP, where is it used, some basic LAB's etc.

If appreciated by the crowd: An advanced session can be arranged on a later date.

Date will be somewhere in the end of November.

Update: Please all install GNS3 on your laptops on forehand!! www.gns3.org Labs will be provided on session!!


When: 18th of January 2013, 0xf00d 18:00, workshop start: 19:00 Where: Randomdata space
Who: Abouttheroute Needed: Laptop with IP running

Who's coming?

Max 10 persons

  1. Abouttheroute duh
  2. Fish_
  3. Maltimore
  4. MishMash
  5. Deatzor
  6. AK47
  7. Ardillo
  8. Yids
  9. Hark

Please leave your name if you would like to attend Prio on #randomdata people's, guests are kindly asked for a donation for the space.

Topics requested

If you have any (beginners) BGP topics you would like to discuss during this workshop: suggestions are welcome :)

Gaming night(s) next TBD

Check the Gaming page :-) Gaming_night

To CTF or not to CTF. How to be a leet ctf'er!

How win all the capture the flag games? That's what everyone wants to know! Me^WWe will give a short introduction on how to crack the challenges and win the game.
This night is brought you by several hack in the box.nl ctf members!

The Workshop details

When: 30th of August 18:00 0xf00d and 19:00 start
Who: DrWhax
On this workshop you will learn:

  • A short introduction of playing the wargames/ctf
  • How to attack various challenges.
  • Find 0dayz!

Stuff you need: A laptop, your hax0r mindset.

Who's attending?

Max 15 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.
Non-members will be kindly asked for a donation.

Please add yourself to the list.

  1. Fish_
  2. Mortal (non-member
  3. junk
  4. Ardillo

Build your own camera: NEW DATE SCHEDULED SOON!

Every body has one, isn't it a dedicated camera then it's one in your phone, ipod, etc.
In this session we will bring you back to the old days, the days when it al started: 1816.
We will build a real pinhole camera and test it. Afterwards we are able to test it and scan our pictures.

The Workshop details

200px 200px
When: NEW DATE SCHEDULED SOON 18:00 0xf00d, 19:00 start workshop
Where: The space
Who: fish
On this workshop we will do:

  • A short introduction
  • Build a pinhole camera
  • Use the camera
  • Develope the films (may-be color, otherwise B/W)

There can be some small costs for the material, more info later.

Who's attending?

Max 6 persons, first come first serve with priority on members.
Non-members will be kindly asked for a donation.

  1. Please add yourself to the list
  2. DrWhax (non-member)
  3. Kalola
  4. iTdeal
  5. Ardillo


Please write down your requests here, don't forget enough details and your name

[REQUESTED] Workshop/Seminar Software-defined networking

I'm not even sure if this is the right place to request such a thing, but he! I can try, right? So what is Software-defined networking all about? I've been reading about this subject for a bit and the subject just doesn't land. It's still too abstract for me. I might have been reading the wrong papers but I prefer to learn interactively. So is there anybody else who wants to learn about Software-defined networking? Let fan out and find someone who is prepared to do a workshop on this subject. Suggestions?


We can organize "something" with one of our partners/sponsors, they are expert in visualization, does that ring a bell?



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