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The Space


Zkyp, Deathzor, thursley, Combuster, Fish, (jelmer)

Not: Junk, Youri (pricks)


18:00 Diner

19:00 Opening of the meeting Topic "Time for a big talk".


  • We would like some hardware visualization, also a way to spend 1k. We would like to host workshops and use liveimages etc. Fish will check ITQ.


  • Want to have more space to host workshops. -> We can rent the studio next to the space, if needed.
  • Need to fix the energy grid. -> Fish will take a look
  • Fixing the internet would be nice, after that checking business lines or a different ISP? -> Thursley's on it (?)


  • zkyp+fish will add stuff to the mailsystem
  • Every 3rd Saturday of the month will now be known as RD cleaning day. Will be added to the agenda. -> Fish
  • Need to make a schedule for the garbage, needs to be taken out every tuesday? (notes don't say) -> zkyp will fix something

New members

  • Google adds to get the name out there
  • Posts in the HITB Magazine
  • fix the Randomdata@hackerspaces.org (fish?)
  • Oh, did I forget to mention: BLOG MOARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Changes on openingdays

  • Should be open every Tuesday (TechTuesdays)
  • Fix Twitter feed, IRC bot and make a Statusbar on teh website (who?)

Need more workshops, lazy guys

  • coach sprints (Deathzor)
  • mindstorms (Fish)
  • crypto
  • toool Eindhoven (Fish)
  • solderen "ken" je leren (BillGertz) (But who has the guts to ask him?)
  • amsix verhaal (Fish)
  • MORE?

Random BBQ

Like last RandomBBQ, we want to give one for our hax0rfriendz \o/. This time with a part of the money we won from HiTB.

  • Food (Fish begroot)
  • shiva BBQ (?)
  • nl hackerspaces (zkyp will check who wants to come)
  • Generator and beamer (need to check GMC)
  • Days (Need to check when our own members can, then set a date. Probably end July)

Promotion material

  • chinchilla (fish will check shirts)
  • cafépress
  • KL?
  • Stickers in the space

Huge list of discussed projects

  • Multitouch (Youri)
  • Inviting politics


The meet is closed ca 21:30 by Fish afterwhich the real men went to drink beer.