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28C3 (the 28th Chaos Communication Congress) is a congress of CCC (Chaos Computer Club).
Some Randomdata and friends peoples will be there.
CCC hasn't started yet with communicating on their website but we are predicting a bit..




Depends on the price of CCC, travel and stay.


Travel costs are changing by the minute, the main rule is: book early for cheaper travel

100 euro two way(klm)

approx 100 euro

About 600+ km one way/1200km two way. Total gasoline costs 120liters * 1,6 = 192€
In Berlin you need a special sticker (costs approx 15 euro) on your car, it's because of the "umweltzone", more information check the ANWB website.
Parking: depends where you stay. There are cheaper parking spots available just outside the center. Also the "umweltzone" sticker can be avoided this way.
Parking near BCC: parking approx 10-15 €/day
Route thru google maps:[1]

Conference Ticket

Ticket usually about 70 euro for the full conference (4 days).
The use a ticket distribution system, you need a "token" to buy one it advance.

Places to stay

Some sample's:

Locations communicated by CCC

This is the last year list: http://events.ccc.de/congress/2010/wiki/Accommodation


The Congress takes place at Berliner Congress Center (bcc) at Alexanderplatz (online map). The Alexanderplatz train station can be reached by S-Bahn, U-Bahn and regional trains. Check the page on Travel for more information.

The Berliner Congress Center is located southeast of Alexanderplatz. Leave the train station at exit "Alexanderplatz" and turn north, pass along the World Time Clock and proceed to the pedestrian crossing at Grunerstraße and cross Alexanderstraße afterwards. Then you stand in front of the bcc.


  • Fish
  • Kalola
  • Babyfish
  • jelmer

Please add your name to the list if you are attending