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18:00 Food

19:00 Opening of the meeting

  • Introduction
  • Minutes last meeting
  • Vote for the board and their roles:
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Finance
    • Other special functions?
  • Short Minutes vs real Minutes
  • Location
  • What has happened last weeks?
  • Plan some activity's
  • Hack around with USB & Linux
  • Cola or beer with questions

22:00 end of the meeting


Board meeting Randomdata 3-febr-2009

Attending: Fish, Kahits, Xor, Caro


Fish opens the meeting at 19:00

There are no extra subjects to add to the Agenda.

All meeting minutes of the last meeting are accepted and no changes are necessary.

The Randomdata organization

To start we need to formalize the board of Randomdata, therefor there will be voted for 3 board function and 1 staff function:

The board

  • Chairman: Fish (3 votes agree, 0 disagree)
  • Minister of finance: Kahits (3 votes agree, 0 disagree)
  • Minister of information: Xor (3 votes agree, 0 disagree)


  • Minister of Design & PR without voting rights: Caro (3 votes agree, 0 disagree)


To keep the overhead as low as possible so we less time on administration we want to use short meeting minutes. These meeting minutes will be a summary of the subjects which are discussed. Vote: We are going to summarize the meeting minutes instead of full detail meeting minutes. (3 votes agree, 0 disagree)


Some brainstorming about current location research. First an update about Sophies kunstprojecten, it is possible to rent a atelier over there, costs are quite acceptable. They also offer the rent of temporary places for days and/or evenings, this could be a great option for some first meetings. The fee for these temporary place is around 50 euros an evening. The space at Fotowereld is not going to be an option, the space contains valuables of the company and Randomdata can't be responsible for the safety of that. The space which is offered by our Puscii friends. It's a really nice offer but to keep our identity we don't want to mix too much with Puscii. Of-course all Puscii friends are welcome at Randomdata activities. We decide that everybody is going to spent some time to search for space options and discuss those options the next meeting. We will also post a line on Twitter that we are searching and drop a line on the website.

What happened last weeks

Fish is telling about the nice meet and greet with the members of Puscii, he also received information about organisational types. Puscii does have a different identity but Randomdata and Puscii can be great friends in the future. Vote: We vote to setup Randomdata as an "Stichting" (Foundation) in stead of a "Vereniging" (cooperation/association). Sponsors, we may have some sponsor possibility's but we must be sure that the sponsor is not getting involved too-much and change the primary goals of Randomdata. We need to stay sharp on this detail. "Subsidie's", there will be some way's to retrieve some money from the government for these open social projects. Fish will contact "Utrecht" to find out the options.

Plan some activity's

  • Kickoff beer, let's find a nice bar where we can crash for an evening to kickoff Randomdata.
  • A "secret" project, details are not published because it's "secret" :-)
  • NSLU2 hacking by Kahits
  • Arduino board hacking by Fish

Activity list

ID Subject Owned Ready before
--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------ ---------------------------------
1 Find out how to register as a Stichting All 1 march 2009
2 Find out space All until found
3 Organize a NSLU2 meeting Kahits next meeting
4 Broadcast we are looking for space Fish asap
5 Organize a arduino meeting Fish some next meeting
6 Our "secret" project All no date yet
7 Kickoff beer All 1 april 2009
8 Contact "Utrecht" for "subisidie" Fish 1 april 2009