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18:00 Food

19:00 Opening of the meeting

  • Introduction of a junior member
  • Announcements: Kahits not available
  • Minutes last meeting
  • Location
  • What has happened last weeks?
    • Books + magazines
    • Status projects
      • Arduino
      • Our "secret" project
  • Kickoff
    • Sponsors
    • Subjects
    • Location
    • Date
  • Review Actionlist
  • Q&A
  • Hack around with Xor:
    • Hack da Roomba(iRobot)!
    • New Debian Lenny distro
  • Cola and/or beer

22:00 end of the meeting

Meeting minutes

Board meeting Randomdata 3-march-2009

Attending: Fish, Xor, MuoMuo, Kalola


Fish opens the meeting at 19:00 and introduces our new member MuoMuo

No new subjects were added to the Agenda.

All minutes of the last meeting were accepted and no changes are necessary.


Fish has contacted the "gemeente Utrecht". They are going to find out if Randomdata could use the old forts of Lunetten. Response can be expected in two weeks.

What happened last weeks

Books and magazines

Xor had a an other article about tweaking your mind.


They arrived today from the UK! The US batch is still not found :-( Later on more this evening... we couldn't resist the power of the Arduino's

Foundation status

Fish has contacted some "Notarissen" to request prices for the registration. Prices differ between 350,- and 650,- euro.// Also Fish had some contacts about "subsidie" to earn some money for Randomdata of the government. He will keep the board posted.

Secret project

Well, if we would tell it's not secret anymore



We have a potential sponsor (ITQ), they could facilitate in the organisation as well on the budget. We need to create a fact-sheet.// Subjects, Location and Date will not be discussed because of the absence of the whole board.

Plan new dates

  • 17 march 2009, 1800 at Fish his place, subject: Boardmeet & Arduino's by Fish
  • 31 march 2009, 1800 at Fish his place, subject: Boardmeet & tbd

We continue with the two weekly Tuesday meetings

Any other business (AOB)


Fun part: XOR's playground + Arduino's

Some science of the NRC: Warm and cold water

Put one of your hands in hot water (not to hot!) en the other in really cold water. Keep this for a few minutes so your body is going to adjust. Then put both hands in medium warm water and see what's happening. Well, we did the test and the result was funny but not shocking. DIY should I say...

Playing with the Roomba

Well, we started to play with it by vacuum cleaning the table where we just had our diner. Surprisingly it didn't drove of the table.\\ Fish and Kalola will test the Roomba the next two weeks in their house. Xor ordered a book about hacking the Roomba but it didn't arrived yet. To be continued....

Arduino live playing

Our first Arduino's arrived and we couldn't resist the power of them, we needed to play with them! So Fish brought a bunch of LED's and we started to connect some lights to the Arduino. After connecting, installing, coding, etc. we build some Knightrider lights, some funny patterns to blink and a random pattern to blink. It was great to have some fun with the board to get it known. \\ Even Muomuo and Kalola were very motivated to code on de Arduino so we need to order some more soon...\\ Next meeting Fish will find out to do some mega tweaks with the Arduino.\\More information on the Arduino page.

Activity list

ID Subject Owned Ready before
--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------ ---------------------------------
1 Find out how to register as a Stichting All 1 march 2009
2 Find out space All until found
5 Organize a Arduino meeting Fish 17 March 2009
6 Our "secret" project All no date yet
7 Kickoff All 1 April 2009
9 Find great granny's hacking book Xor If found
11 Create a fact sheet for the kickoff Board 1 May 2009

changes are in Bold

Comments/changes about activity's

  • 8 Will be done today
  • 9 Book is still a 404
  • 10 details are communicated
  • 11 Added

Finished activity's

ID Subject Owned Ready
--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------ ---------------------------------
3 Organize a NSLU2 meeting Kahits 17 Febr 2009
4 Broadcast we are looking for space Fish before 17 Febr 2009
8 Organize a Xor tweaking meeting Xor 3 March 2009
10 Communicate 2600nl meeting details Fish 1 March 2009