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18:00 Food: Schnitzel

19:00 Opening of the meeting

  • Introduction
  • Announcements: any?
  • Minutes last meeting
  • Location
  • What has happened last weeks?
    • Books + magazines
    • Status projects
      • Our "secret" project
      • New project idea's
  • Kickoff
  • Wiki structure
  • Review Actionlist
  • Q&A
  • Multi playground with Xor
  • SecNerve, an autonomous security infrastructure
  • Cola and/or beer

ca 22:00 end of the meeting

Meeting minutes

Board meeting Randomdata 31-march-2009

Attending: Fish, Xor, MuoMuo, Kalola, Kahits


Fish opens the meeting at 19:00


No new subjects were added to the Agenda. We will keep the official part short because we want to have fun.

All minutes of the last meeting were accepted and no changes are necessary.


No updates

What happened last weeks

Books and magazines

  • A new makezine arrived
  • Getting started with Arduino

Secret project

This project is cancelled, the budget needed is too high (+1000 euro's) and we don't have the money for now.

Wiki and information

The wiki had a small update, working with categories is the best option. A mail discussion will follow about the main categories.

New project idea's


Fish went to protospace today and had a great impression of them.

They have some nice hardware as a Laaaaazzzzzor cutter, 3D printers etc. etc. They are also working with Arduino's but they are more "users" of them then engineers. It's possible that Randomdata can help them in the future with workshops about communication, interaction, etc with Arduino's.


No updates for the moment A mail discussion will be started

Any other business (AOB)


XOR's TOR exit node



Fish is telling about the framework he worked on.

Soon a graphical overview, explanation, etc. will follow on the Secnerve page

Activity list

ID Subject Owned Ready before
--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------ ---------------------------------
1 Find out how to register as a Stichting All Parked
2 Find out space All until found
7 Kickoff All 1 September 2009
9 Find great granny's hacking book Xor orderd
11 Create a fact sheet for the kickoff Board 1 May 2009
13 Create a wiki structure Fish 1 May 2009
15 Meeting 14 April subject Kahits 14 April 2009

changes are in Bold

Comments/changes about activity's

  • 1 update, we will be a "Stichting I.O." (In Oprichting)
  • 6 exit because of budget
  • 7 update on date
  • 11 Mailbrainstorm will be started
  • 12 exit, done...
  • 13 Implement phase
  • 14 exit today
  • 15 50% secnerve, 50% freestyle hacking

Finished activity's

ID Subject Owned Ready
--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------ ---------------------------------
3 Organize a NSLU2 meeting Kahits 17 Febr 2009
4 Broadcast we are looking for space Fish before 17 Febr 2009
5 Organize a Arduino meeting Fish -
6 Our "secret" project All no date yet
8 Organize a Xor tweaking meeting Xor 3 March 2009
10 Communicate 2600nl meeting details Fish 1 March 2009
12 Contact Protospace Fish 1 May 2009
14 Meeting 31 march subject Xor 31 March 2009