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The Chaos Communication Camp 2011 is taking place this summer, so we better make sure Randomdata is represented! From the site: "Chaos Communication Camp 2011 We found a date and we found a place:

10|11|12|13|14th August 2011 at Finowfurt (near Berlin), Germany Since 1999 the Chaos Communication Camp has taken place every four years – and we will keep this rhythm. It is an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms. The venue is the same as in 2007, so some of you might know it already."


For now we want to check how many of you want to go, and join the HXX bus it it's possible.

Interested in Bus trip there?

  • Thursley
  • [com]buster

Going but with own transport

  • Fish_


  • Pancakes plx Fish_!


The things we bring

amount what who ist das rdy?!
--------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------

0-9: The amount of items
X+: We have "X" but we need more!
P: Personal
∞: Unlimited