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THE VISIT WAS A BLAST but it's over now.

Here some pics:

CERNvisit1.jpg CERNvisit2.jpg CERNvisit3.jpg CERNvisit4.jpg CERNvisit5.jpg CERNvisit6.jpg CERNvisit7.jpg CERNvisit8.jpg

This page links to the Revspace wiki where we will coordinate the Dutch site op the trip:


A group visit of CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory close to Geneva. More info: (please check out this page if you think about coming)

Subscription deadline

Because I must give an estimate of the attendees, I would be grateful if you subscribe before Monday Oct 19th.


We have to give a 4-6 month advance notice, which probably brings the visit to February/March 2010.


We have to organize ourselves for sharing cars, finding accommodation, etc.


The vistor administration is located on the /tmp/lab site: Please be sure you are registered there!

From Randomdata the following are registerd:

  • Fish
  • A friend of Randomdata: Vis

On the Randomdata side fish will be the contact person.