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Welcome to Randomdata!!!

Randomdata is group of people who wants to do technical stuff, we build, we break, we create and we invent. Currently we are in the startup phase and doing the official stuff. But we are also looking for a own space or at least a space where we can come together to meet and do sessions. Our gool for this year is to have our own hackerslab For some fun we already started to do homespace sessions. Mind hacking, soft hacking and hard hacking are some of our subjects but there are actually no limits (unless it's illegal).

Hack the planet!

This wiki has been created for the members of Randomdata to leave information, start-up & maintain projects, etc. etc.
Feel free to leave, create, modify, etc any page. This is a wiki! :D

Status Randomdata

Time goes fast! And our list of to do’s is expanding.
Some small projects are already started. We did some pilot sessions with the board.
Because this is in the private space of Fish we can't invite you all. But if you would like to attend for an evening just give Fish a sign. Or maybe you can share some interesting stuf with us?

Greetz, Randomdata

Current active pages:

You can also leave questions on the Q&A page