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But she never told her father, the multiple major award-nominated and Tony Award-winning actor whose resume reads like a Hollywood wishlist. She also told TMZ that she had heard that her father was "very hurt" that she had made the adult film.

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Request a media pack. This usually contains the Press Releases for business, profile of the company, perhaps a brochure, web site address, and so on. Tell either the public relations department or the consultant you are going to write an article about the CEO. This admission will prompt the person you are dealing with to ensure you are given everything they have on the top man.

Read some message boards, discussion lists or newsgroups -- Often times you'll see questions, answers and advice in these areas that generate a whole wealth of new article ideas.

Article construction marketing: Articles don't necessarily have to be long in order to get your point across. Think about your audience. Who are they and what are they looking for? Then provide value to them in the form of a short informative article. Give them information that benefits them and you'll have a friend for life! And don't forget to use some of the top article directories to submit your articles. It's great to have them on your website but getting them in front of others through sites like iSnare. or Ezine Articles allows you to get tons of exposure by allowing others to use your information for content on their websites.

Good old Press Releases still get good results. Notice I said Good. I meant that. Poorly written Press Release will get you passed over. Also, trying to use a sales flyer as your press release will get you ignored. A good press release will stimulate them to use it as the written story or they will base a story off of it. You want the media to work for you. The only person getting media stories from Facebook is the guy who invented Facebook.

Press Releases for business Make a to-do list. Too many people who don't know how to focus their online time appropriately wander aimlessly because of lack of an action plan. Knowing what you need to get done daily can be half the battle.

Present original, distinctive content in the form of text videos, audio, widgets, etc. Not only will this get your content indexed faster, but will keep visitors and the search engine spiders visiting your site frequently.