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Movie night!!!

We want to have a regular movie night at RandomData! So how are we going to organise this?


We will have a movie night every month at the 3rd friday of the month. Because February is a bit to near, we will have the first exception here and do it the last friday of the month.
For accurate dates check:

We Need:

Youri has one
Projection screen
Fish has one
and last but definitely not least, MOVIES!!!!!
everybody has them...


Because we want everybody to be able to have influence on which movie we're going to watch. Everybody can add movies and vote for them (of course you can only vote once!!):

Let's vote:
Movie IMDB Who has it Who voted for it
Hackers Wargames [1] Youri Fish
Hackers 1 [2] Youri zkyp
Swordfish [3] Fish
Takedown [4] Fish
Sneakers [5] zkyp zkyp
Freedom Downtime (also have the interview related to the movie) [6] Thursley
Tron [7] Thursley
Pirates of Silicon Valley [8] Thursley
Antitrust [9] Thursley
The Lawnmower man [10] Thursley
The Net [11] Thursley
Bunch of Documentaries (will make a list soon) [] Thursley
Firewall [12] junk
The Net 2.0 [13] junk

Who will be there:

We have limited space in the space, so we'll need to keep a guest list. Members have first priority, non-members can join for a small fee. Per evening we got room for 6 people at the moment (kind of seating can't be reservated, sorry Zkyp!). <- Yeah, right - the couch is mine bitches. 8) /zkyp

Yes i'm there:

8 April 2011

Food 18:00, movie starts 19:00?
Movie: we'll see :-)